Flow chart




Team Structure:

Our French company is currently only present on the US market with 7 stores located all around the country. In each store, workers elect their “representative” among them, who attend to the “sales” meetings organized once a quarter. Those “sales representative” elect the “sales manager” who meets the managers issued from the other department the twice a year.


In each store are working 5 persons:

  • 2 bakers
  • 2 sellers
  • 1 representative elected by his colleagues


We’ve decided to structure our company according to the “Team Structure” type for many reasons:


  • Communication between all the departments is much easier, cheaper and faster in this way than in any other structure type would be.
    • There are no intermediaries and so, messages can arrive directly to the person or department concerned.
    • There are no back-and-forth between all the different departments.
  • Employees can feel being really involved into the company management and so, give their best in order to make the company working well, creating then a synergy inside the company.
  • People who represent their stores or department are much aware of what they may be talking about and their information are much more precise and close to the reality.