Objectives 2012




Our corporate goal for 2012 is:

  • 4 % increase in comparison with the EURIBOR RATE of our profits = + 120 000 € (Base: 3.000.000€)
  • Increase our turnover
  • Extend our market in US  
  • Open a structure in Shanghai
  • Meeting with all the managers every quarters




  • Reducing energy cost by 5% (recycling, better use of printer, using less paper sheets…)
  • Increasing the investments by 10% by finding new shareholders
  • Investment in vehicles  (3) for our future representatives



  • Actualization of the intern policy
  • Evaluation of performances for all services


  • Anticipation for the opening of new stores
  • Evaluation of performances
  • Recruit 4 representatives


  • Training courses in order to keep and improve quality products
  • Increase the job offers for disabled people and accompany the reinsertion


  • Implement a new systems of bonuses for sellers
  • Stick to the culture of the company



  • Market study on China market
  • Lead a new campaign on traditional and high quality of our French products
  • Catch up every types of targets
  • Develop new tools to get the customer’s loyalty
  • 15% global objective of clients data growth divided into 10% growth of existing clients and 5% conquests of new clients


  • Developing new recipes
  • Research on products and tastes adaptation for specific countries (US and China)
  • Edition of instructions for backers teams
  • 5% of the turnover in Research and Development to increase the growth
  • Improve our sustainable development objectives
  • Improve our offer by proposing the perfect meal which meet the customers needs      
  • Identify the best training for our employees


  • Increase our turnover
  • Acquire new market shares 
  • Acquiring new clients such as town offices, schools and universities, associations for different kind of events
  • Get market shares of the competition
  • Secure the customer’s loyalty


  • Making sourcing to get new customers (to supervise event).
  • Define sale increase policy.
  • Define human resource policy to keep efficiency on stores.


  • Get training in pastry (to get new French know-how)
  • Apply the sanitary policy.
  • Create new product (following the instruction from the R&D Department)



  • Making effort in customer’s contentment.
  • Making effort in welcoming customers.
  • Make effort in making customer‘s loyalty.
  • Decrease the waiting time per customer


  • Make Sourcing to get suppliers in China
  • Negotiate a 10 % decrease on raw materials
  • Buy 2 laser printers