Mission Statement









The french gastronomy has gone beyond the french territory and it is now our mission to let our french authentic bread, pastries and cakes cross the national borders. Each culture is opening itself on the rest of the world and we are here to provide several french delights based on a traditional backing way and served at any time and for any kind of events.


Our Mission

The following statements were established in order to keep in mind, what will help us to assure the existence of The French Backery® all around the world.

  • To make every sweet break a true well-being moment,
  • To bring by each tasting a new discovery and a pure moment of pleasure,
  • To whet one’s appetite.

Our working team

Our working philosophy is based on a cooperative commitment, stimulated by each personal ideas and knowledges.

  • Solidarity and Respect are the main values of our staff,
  • Long-term recruitement policy applied to a cooperative environment,
  • A friendly and smily team to ensure good working conditions.

Our Know-How

Our artisanal vocation must be kept in our working manner, but creativity and modernity must be the key of our success.

That is why we concentrate our know-how on our staff’s profile:  

  • Experienced staff,
  • The best french bakers,
  • The best local sellers in each country,
  • Both working with passion and sharing the same motivation: meet customers’satisfaction!

and on our ingredients:

  • French authentic, tastefull, nutritious and healthy ingredients.

Our purpose

Towards our Customers:

  • Satisfy our customer’s expectations concerning our products and services,
  • Provide them a pure moment of pleasur the whole day,
  • Reach and keep their loyalty!

Towards our Shareholders:

  • We commit to our shareholder to extend our expansion for the futurs generations with the best respect and loyalty.

Towards our Partners:

  • We choose carefully our partners to ensure a profitable and long term partnership,
  • We promise them to develop a fair trade relationship.

Sustainable development:

  • Our packaging is made of recyclable material,
  • Use of organic ingredients.

French values

Our way of baking and thinking must always meet the french values, such as the french know-how and  the faultless quality of french products to ensure the french luxury image of our gastronomy!